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Reclaim Tecoma from McDonald's

14 September 2013

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Burger Off Rally - Tecoma Goes To Town




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14.10.12 Creating a community garden (1) 14.10.12 Creating a community garden (2) 16.10.12 Fences Go Up 18.10.12 Media Coverage 19.10.12 Community Meeting 23.10.12 Yarra Ranges Council Meeting 28.10.12 Site blessed by Elder Murrundindi 28.10.12 Community Singing - 'The Ballad of Tecoma' 07.11.12 ABC TV 7.30 Report media coverage
09.11.12 Police remove community protesters 02.03.13 'RESISTANCE IS FERTILE - NO MCDONALD'S IN TECOMA' MARCH ... 1 02.03.13 'RESISTANCE IS FERTILE - NO MCDONALD'S IN TECOMA' MARCH ... 2 21.04.13 Extraordinary Community Meeting 27.06.13 The Opening of 'Fast Fried & Fatal' 01.07.13 McDonald's Starts Building in Tecoma .. 1 01.07.13 McDonald's Starts Building in Tecoma .. 2 09.07.13 Community Protest March in Melbourne ... Gallery 1 09.07.13 Community Protest March in Melbourne ... Gallery 2
28.07.13 Community March from Belgrave to Telcoma .. Gallery 1 28.07.13 Community March from Belgrave to Telcoma .. Gallery 2 28.07.13 Who Are The Tecoma 8 .. You'll Be Surprised 06.08.13 Police in great numbers protect the McDonald's site ... Gallery 1

06.08.13 Police in great numbers protect the McDonald's site ... Gallery 2

21.08.13 State Parliament Protest Rally 2012 / 2013 Canine Protesters ""McDonald's - Not Even Fit For Dogs" 14.09.13 Burger Off Rally - Tecoma Goes To Town 14.09.13 Burger Off Rally - Tecoma Goes To Town - Federation Square Big Screen
13.09.13 Hills Gala Ball - Tecoma 8 Benefit 02.03.14 Community Meeting In Tecoma 22.03.14 Info & Merchandise Stand at Selby Fest 2014 07.04.14 - McDonald's Open In Tecoma - Gallery 1 07.04.14 - McDonald's Open In Tecoma - Gallery 2 04.05.14 - gNOmeageddon 26.05.14 - Communities In Control Conference 2014 01.07.14 - Take Back Tecoma Candle March Protest 24.08.14 - Museum for Australian Democracy at Eureka Exhibition & Presentation
20.09.14 - 'Gypsy Nights' - A No Maccas In The Hills Event 20.10.14 - Labor Party (Vic) visits Tecoma              


How the day unfolded .... The creativity, vibrancy and passion of this community was out in full force. Many great people passing through Federation Square who stopped to learn about Tecoma's plight, and express their support and disgust at the McDonald's Corporation.




































































































































If you have love in your heart, you always have something to give ...


PETITION : McDonald's: abandon plans to build a massive 24/7 store opposite the kindergarten in Tecoma ... by clicking on this website link :

Bonus Photos : Federation Square - The Big Screen - Images of No Maccas in Tecoma Protest HERE


Coming Real Soon ... Pictures of the Gala Ball in Tecoma!!!!!!!


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Facebook : No Maccas in the Hills ...

ALSO see the amazing and beautiful short film, by the incredibly talented Hills film maker Tim Smith, documenting the March against Maccas. Music by Rebellious Bird.... Click HERE


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