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Belgrave Survival Day 2013 - Welcome to Wurundjeri Country

Belgrave Survival Day is an annual event that celebrates indigenous culture on ‘Australia Day’. This event gives primacy to the indigenous perspective of this great southern land despite 225 years of European occupation/colonisation. It honours and celebrates the survival of the oldest living culture on the globe through live music, storytelling, traditional dance and craft. January 2013 is the 6th Belgrave Survival Day.

Location of event : Belgrave, Victoria, Australia .... Date : Saturday, 26 January 2013

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"Beautiful Photos, John" - Peta, Australia

"Great pics John, must have been an amazing day, sorry we missed it" - Jan, Australia

"Fantastic Photos John - I will share these as Belgrave Survival Day so they spread further. Really captures the day - thanks so much!" - Belgrave Survival Day, Australia

"Fantastic pix - again!" - Judy, Australia

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