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Andy Cowan in Concert

Venue : Burrinja, Upwey, Victoria, Australia - 9 September 2011

Backing musicians :

Jimmie Sloggett, Saxophone

Steve Davies, percussion

Alex Legg, guitar

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Andy Cowan





Andy Cowan & Jimmie Sloggett







Andy Cowan & band





Jimmie Sloggett







Bonus Photos




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"These are fantastic photos. Do you have any objection to me putting mine on Facebook. All credits acknowledged of course.
Andy's here right now and he loves the ones of him and Jimmy. They're very classy, the black and white gives those two reprobates an air of some dignity.
Thanks a lot,
The right Rev. Alex Legg "

"Love these black and white photos! Particularly liked the bonus less "formal" photos." - Cathy Dobson


"Thanks John. Some great shots! Love the black and white and shadows... I saw them at Alex Leggg's last night as you know. I have a show with jimmy in january. I would love to use one of the photos as PR if that's Ok with you? I might need a higher resolution though. Hope you enjoyed the show, kind regards" - Andy Cowan


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