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Buddy Guy & Junior Wells

6 December 1972

Venue : Dallas Brooks Hall, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


The American Blues Festival was brought to Australia by promoter Kym Bonython. The concert festival featured two giants in the Blues music genre - Buddy Guy & Junior Wells (with their band). The US blues artist, Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup, was going to be part of this concert series however, sadly, this did not happen * .... Supporting act was Australian artist Jeanie Lewis - a worthy choice indeed!

The following photos were taken by me with my small Kodak instamatic camera. The venue was the Dallas Brooks Hall, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on 6 December 1972.

[Buddy Guy is the one with the suit and guitar, and Junior Wells is the one in the white shirt & light checkered trousers & without a guitar]

Letters received :

"... I came across your photos from Dallas Brooks Hall of Buddy Guy 1972, I saw him play at Melbourne Town Hall Dec '72 and Arthur Crudup DID play that gig, as well as Jennie Lewis" ... Lou B.

"Hi John, I was googling Arthur Crudup on Wikepedia and noted his passing away in1974. I then googled australian tour because I saw Arthur open the blues show at the Hordern pavilion and was interested in the year and how close to his death . Your interesting page came up which is really good but Arthur definitely played in Sydney that night. I was 22 and can still see him in my minds eye, a lonely solo figure tuning his guitar and then starting......" ... George G.

"Great blog stumble upon. Arthur Crudup performed at the Palais St.Kilda show. He only did two or three numbers, seated on a stool someone brought on stage for him. He looked at least 80 yrs old to my 22 yr old eyes, and not real well, which may explain why he did not perform at all the Guy/Wells gigs. One thing for sure though, he was what I had come to see, Mississippi Blues....and Arthur delivered in spades. I will never forget it. He looked like a man that had lived a hard life." ... Jeff N.

Hi John . Just visited the American Blues Festival page. Great memories. I was at the Sydney show at the Hordern, and Arthur Crudup certainly opened the show there. He played a brief set, looking old, but not frail, and was in good voice. He sang both "That's All Right" (covered by Elvis) and "My Baby Left Me" (covered by Creedence Clearwater Revival).
Jeannie Lewis wasn't strictly a blues singer, but she fitted well on the bill and did a good show. Buddy was on stage for Jeannie's whole set. No star turn, no big intro. He just walked on stage with her. As your pictures show, Buddy was playing a Gibson, which is unusual. In most pictures - both before and after this tour - he is playing a Fender Stratocaster. I've seen him five times between 1989 and now, and he played a Strat every time. Cheers, Steve F.

"yep Crudup definitely played the Town Hall concert. Short sleeve shirt and hat". .... Tony H..



[ All photos by John Weeks - 6 December 1972]
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There were several concerts conducted around Melbourne, all of which I attended with my brother Kevin...

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